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GDF & GDW Series filters provide your compressed air system with premium quality filtration for the three typical contaminant types:


1) solid particles come from ambient air contaminants like dust and from rusted, oxidized pipework. They will cause pneumatic equipment to malfunction, cause instrument and control failures, and contaminate end products;

2) condensed water droplets come from the humidity in ambient air. Water will oxidize pipework and pneumatic equipment, ruin paint finishes and end products and;

3) liquid oil and oil vapors are introduced by compressor lubricants and by hydrocarbon vapors present in ambient air. Oil-free compressed air is particularly important in food and pharmaceutical processes.
• 15 – 20224 SCFM
• Maximum Working Pressure: 20 bar g
• Maximum Inlet Temperature: 66°C
• Coalescing filter performance tested to the stringent requirements of ISO12500-1 and ISO8573-2
• Housings used conform to major pressure vessel directives in the Americas, Europe and Asia