Best in Class discharge air flow

New KOBELION SG achieves best-in-class discharge air flow, and max 17% increase from existing model, thanks to New Generation Air-end.

Best in class discharge air flow

Direct Gear Drive (AG/SG)

Designed to achieve best efficiency in rated load. Precise machined helical gears are directly mounted on motor shaft and eliminate coupling or v-belt.
Single piece drive train minimize vibration of rotating part and mechanical losses. Also adjusting and replacing of v-belt is no longer necessary. All the model is with IE3 Premium efficiency motor.


Energy saving logic

KOBELCO’s “Energy saving logic” can reduce pressure band of load/unload control to eliminate excess pressure hike.

Enegy Saving Logic


Up to 50°C ambience

Designed with enough margin against temperature, continuous duty up to 45°C, can be operated up to 50°C.