EN-Orion Refrigerant Air Dryer

Orion air dryer is a famous, highly appreciated and most used brand of air dryer in Japan. In Vietnam, Orion air dryers always account for the largest sales in the market, used by all air compressor manufacturers from Japan in the system. Depending on the environment and installation location of the air compressor, the compressed air stream (compressed from the air, the air) will contain a certain amount of impurities such as dirt, water and possibly oil vapor (for oil-based compressors), .. and then may affect equipment using compressed air for production of product quality, especially mechanical, steel, corrugated iron factories, etc. dipping plating, coating, garment, coffee, cashew, .. So most factories with high requirements for compressed air quality use Orion compressed air dryer system to separate water and dry. and clean compressed air before supplying to equipment for use.