Gardner Denver oil free compressor 16 bar for Laser cutting Industrial

Gardner Denver oil free 16 bar for Laser cutting industrial.

Lower Life Cycle Cost

  • Few parts – The water lubricated air end is directly connected with the motor using no gearboxes, thus reducing the bearing
    combinations and the spare parts requiring maintenance, resulting in lower costs
  • No need for lubricating oil – Water is used for cooling, lubricating and sealing, requiring no lubricating oil
  • Long service life – Low operating temperature, low rotational speed and longer service life of air end parts
  • Easy maintenance – The parts requiring daily maintenance are limited to the air filter and water filter, thus simplifying maintenance
    and reducing costs.
  • Water purification system – The efficient water purification system reduces water consumption to a lower level.
  • Optimized system cost – In addition to the intake filter, the pure water will also wash and filter the impurities in the air, discharging.
    purer air and contributing to reduced cost of consumables for downstream equipment.

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Efficient and Energy Saving

  • When the single screw compressor is working, each screw groove in the screw is used twice in one rotation, so that its space can be fully utilized,
    thus its structure size is smaller than other rotary compressors
  • The screw groove depth of single screw becomes shallower with the increase of compression chamber pressure, and it is zero when the exhaust
    is over, so there is no clearance volume theoretically.
  • When water is used as the coolant, resulting in lower temperature, higher efficiency and remarkable energy-saving effect during compression
    of the air end.

Safe and reliable

  • One screw and two star wheels (left and right) form 12 compression
    chambers, which trigger 12 air compression processes per revolution
  • The two star wheels of the single screw air compressor are symmetrically
    distributed on two sides of the screw, ensuring force balance . The axial
    force and radial force acting on the screw can offset each other,
    effectively restraining the vibration source.
  • The rotor is in force balance with small pulsation, low vibration, more
    reliable performance and longer service life.