Air compressors are considered as the lungs of the manufacturing plant, so maintenance needs to be carried out on time and periodically to ensure the equipment is always in stable operating condition and achieving high-efficiency optimally. We always want to provide customers with professional and quality repair and maintenance services, reducing the work burden for the maintenance department, managing plant machinery, and equipment.

PHUC HUNG TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD would like to introduce to you the maintenance service at the factory and the professional work that should have.

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Phuc Hung Technology Co., Ltd is a company that provides air compressor service packages such as periodic maintenance, spare parts replacement, air compressor overhaul, complete installation of compressed air systems.

Phuc Hung Technology Co., Ltd is committed to the best service and repair quality to satisfy customers with huge projects. Quick troubleshooting, reasonable repair costs with the motto “Quickly, Reasonable and Satisfied”. In parallel with the repair is the operation consultant, training your company’s technical staff in the operation process to improve the efficiency of using the air compressor.

Repair and maintenance services of Phuc Hung include the following packages:

  • Overhaul air compressor package: With this service package, we will overhaul your company’s air compressor, monitor and adjust the operating mode to suit each gas demand. the compressor of each Plant to save operating costs to the maximum and comes with a warranty for the air compressor system.

  • Repairing air compressors according to the status quo: With this service package, we will troubleshoot and repair each damaged condition of the air compressor. All replacement parts will be covered under the manufacturer’s warranty.

  • Periodic maintenance of air compressors: In order to ensure safety during use, your company can use periodic maintenance of air compressors monthly, quarterly, or once every 6 months. With this periodic maintenance service, your company can rest assured that your machinery and equipment will be operated with high stability and monitored by a well-trained technical team.

  • Repair, upgrade, expand, supply equipment, design and install new compressed air system, air duct system in the factory.


Consulting service for installation and equipment search

Phuc Hung Technology Co., Ltd. comprehensively performs all services such as: consulting, designing, installing compressed air piping systems in air compressor rooms and factories, water discharge pipes, fire-fighting pipes, technology pipes… and industrial electrical systems, generators…

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  • Essential services for customers
  • Air compressor systems maintenance
  • Air-ends maintenance service
  • Air-dryers maintenance service
  • Centrifugal/ turbo air compressors overhaul service
  • Kobelco, Gardner Denver, Ingersoll Rand air compressor overhaul service
  • Installation of nitrogen generator systems
  • Provide genuine air compressor spare parts
  • Prestigious – quality – cheap air compressor rental