If you are planning to invest in an air compressor system and need practical advice in accordance with the project and production scale of your factory OR you need to make simulation drawings, design the air compressor system in the factory and also find a reliable contractor to construct and install the gas pipeline for you, we can help you.


We – Phuc Hung Company specializes in consulting, designing, and constructing compressed air systems. The items we accept to perform include:

– Supply and installation of the air compressor system.

– Construction of compressed air pipelines in the factory.

– Renovate the degraded compressed air pipeline system.

Or any project on gas pipeline according to your request.

When receiving your project, we will analyze with you in detail the compressed air demand, scale as well as the estimated investment package to come up with a solution for the most suitable pipeline.

Công ty TNHH Kỹ Thuật Phục Hưng

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