Are you looking for a professional air compressor repair company?

Is your air compressor in need of repair or maintenance?


Your air compressor is having problems such as broken screw, screw surface deformation, compression air-end blocked, high temperature … or it is just a small problem such as the machine leaking oil from the air intake, explosion safety valve. , the dryer could not drain…

Please feel free to contact us, Phuc Hung is ready to assist you with all your compressed air system problems. After receiving your request, the experts will come to the scene to handle immediately. If spare parts are replaced, or the machine has a serious problem, special equipment needs to be intervened, Phuc Hung will propose the plan and then send the quotation then proceed with the repair once you have agreed.

Công ty TNHH Kỹ Thuật Phục Hưng

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