Air compressors are considered as the lungs of the manufacturing plant, so a maintenance plan needs to be carried out on time and periodically to ensure the equipment is always in stable operating condition, and achieving high efficiency. PHUC HUNG TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD always wishes to provide customers with professional and quality repair and maintenance services, reducing the work burden for the maintenance department, managing plant machinery, and equipment.


-Repair is to repair or replace damaged, calibrated, functional, or all-inclusive equipment parts.

-Replacement: is the work of disassembling a machine part or component to replace it with an identical or equivalent to ensure good operation.

-Inspection: to determine the condition, level-operability of a part of a component of a machine in order to foretell the possibility that it may be replaced or damaged or need adjustment and repair.

-Calibration: is an operation on a certain component within an allowable limit for the purpose of bringing the system into standard operation as required.

-Functional control: means ensuring the machine’s components function and acceptance.

* All spare parts (if any) including compressed air oil, filling gas for dryer will be provided by HUNG TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. If the customer requires us to provide services and components, work would be started after prices and conditions are agreed upon from both sides. Maintenance work will be carried out at the end of each quarter or month by agreement.

Abnormal inspection: HUNG HUNG TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD will inspect and maintain within the content and scope of work mentioned above for customers when the machine is operating abnormal problems occur during the maintenance period validity.

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