Why should you choose KOBELCO Oil Injected?

The market leader Kobelco oil-lubricated screw compressors offer outstanding performance, low investment costs, reliability, ease of maintenance, operation even in the harshest environments.

Highest reliability

The KOBELION series of oil-lubricated screw air compressors are developed in the fourth generation based on over 100 years of experience from Kobelco Japan with long service life and trouble-free with the lowest operating costs.

Advanced design

Using the latest and most advanced compression assembly from Kobelco Japan.

Reduce energy costs

Increased life cycle costs thanks to the use of superior screw compression assemblies and a high-performance permanent magnet (IPM) magnetic motor designed to connect Over Hung directly from the rotor to the screw without using a coupling, no gears, no belts, zero gear ratio. The inverter reduces energy costs by an average of 35%.

Integrated air system

The air compressor system can be used immediately upon delivery. No need for a separate compressor room. Low operating noise, compact size, and integrated handling equipment. Many advanced technologies integrated into the air compressor greatly reduce the pressure drop to save energy

Easy to install

The compact, integrated design of the Kobelco oil-immersion screw compressor includes internal piping, coolers, motor, lubrication, and control systems – all offered as a ready-to-use package. use. The installation process will be trouble-free and does not take much time for testing. Electrical connection and simple operation

Oil screw compressors are designed for efficiency

The components of the oil screw air compressor are carefully designed by Kobelco, neat and eye-catching. This reduces losses and pressure drop to a minimum, resulting in the most efficient compressor package. Air compressors also use reliable components to ensure operation in the harshest operating conditions and environments. Through the use of the latest screw technology from Kobelco, you are assured of a stable and efficient compressor.

Advanced monitoring system

Most manufacturing processes create fluctuating, which in turn creates energy waste when gas demand falls. Using the latest generation intelligent controller NSGC – 430 Controller you can switch manually or automatically between two different set points to optimize energy and reduce costs.

Besides, the sophisticated algorithm only operates the motor when needed. Since the desired setpoint is maintained while the running time of the motor is minimized, energy consumption will be kept to a minimum.


More than 80% of compressor lifecycle costs are energy costs. Compressed air generation can account for more than 40% of a plant’s total electricity bill. To cut energy costs, we pioneered Inverter Technology in the compressed air industry.

Kobelco’s inverter technology closely monitors air demand by automatically adjusting engine speed, thereby saving up to 35% of energy.

Connect control from 2-6 machines without a central controller.

Group control function Group control controls from 2-6 machines to operate fully automatically without the need for a central controller. Through the intelligent control display, you create significant energy cost savings and a high return on investment.

Monitor the system

It is important to capture the status of your compressed air system. You wish optimal performance and maximum availability? With KOBELINK you can monitor your compressed air system. System monitoring not only saves you money but also avoids breakdowns and loss of output.

Tailored to your specific requirements

Our Kobelco oil-lubricated screw compressors deliver industry-leading performance, operational flexibility, and high productivity, resulting in reduced energy costs and minimal cost of ownership. The wide range of compressors allows you to find the perfect solution to suit your specific compressed air requirements. Built to work even in the harshest of environments, the Kobelco range of air compressors keeps your production running efficiently.